“Headquarters ni Kwangu Runda,” Ringtone declares himself Gospel industry chairman

Kenya’s controversial gospel artist Ringtone declares himself the chairman of gospel music industry.

Ringtone Apoko on Monday 3rd made it clear in Chipukeezy show that he is the Chairman of the gospel music industry. The host, Vincent Chipukeezy, had a topic on the rot in the gospel industry in Kenya and Ringtone was there to spice it up.

The ill-fated events about DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid and the latest of Mr. Seed and Bahati got the nation in shock. Ringtone played a key role in stirring up the stories as it unfolds. Ringtone has been on the limelight for a long time and is known for riding in controversies to push his music. Not a long time, he bought a range rover for Diamond’s ex-wife Zari who had an event in Kenya. The fans trolled him for losing his focus on the purpose of the ministry and living unrighteously.

“Me ndio chairman wa gospel hapa Kenya, headquarters ni kwangu Runda. The bible says, let the weak be strong, you are above not beneath, you are ahead not behind,” said Ringtone.

The gospel ministry will not end it’s drama soon. Every other gospel minister will pull a publicity stunt as a strategy to promote their music and Satan will take the blame all the same. However, efforts to challenge media stakeholders to play Kenyan music might turn a new leaf for talented artists to get airplay and even earn a living through music.

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