Another One! Willy Paul to drop a new love song Friday 8th

Willy Paul set to release yet another love song dubbed Bebibebi.

The talented gospel singer is always in the midst of all ugly stunts. When someone mentions Pozze, then what comes in mind is every ill-fated story. Nothing good comes out of the name Pozze, however, he got love from a section of his fans.

In the past week, Willy Paul with his fellow gospel ministers was on spot for sexual assault. DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid were exposed in a sex scandal that ‘killed’ their already established careers. Having been known for ‘worse’ things than this, Willy Paul was ‘baptized’ by critics for leading a better life than the former.

All said and done, Willy Paul always comes back strong after every controversy.

“Are you ready?? Tomorrow at exactly 10 am I’ll give u something that will make you fall in love again!! Team no sleep, hard work pays.. I’ve learned to take the hate n turn it to positivity.. keeps me on toes.. kesho.. #BEBIBEBI ( KIZUNGUZUNGU ” reads his post

The gospel star, however, has deviated from the primary gospel music to ‘Love songs’. When asked, his answers will always be ; don’t judge for you will be judged by God.

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