Who is Stephen Sang? The mediocre Nandi governor who has decided to take on Hassan Joho

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In Kenyan politics, publicity is just publicity. Everyone craves to be in the limelight. Our shallow politicians have pulled some of the most crazy stunts including launching DSTV installations and then posting the pictures on social media.

Nandi governor Stephen Sang, who until recently had nothing to show for more than two years in office decided that a time had come for him to be in office and what better way to do it than attack Hassan Joho, one of the biggest brands in Kenyan Politics?

Sang has accused his Mombasa counterpart of being a boastful criminal and not worthy of a response from the DP. According to Sang, Joho is a dwarf. And with his stinging press conference, Sang has just turned the cameras on himself. So who is Stephen Sang? and what has he achieved for the people of Nandi?

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Sang made headlines when he beat some seasoned politicians to clinch the Nandi gubernatorial sit at a tender age of 32, making him the youngest governor in history.

However, the celebration over his win was short-lived as the people of Nandi realized they had shot themselves in the arm. Instead of working for Wananchi, their youthful governor started dishing out jobs to slay queens.

Last year Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei accused the governor of employing redundant light skinned slay queens, leading to poor service delivery in the county.

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“It is good because the governor is here so that it does not become gossip. My concern is to find out the whereabouts of Sh13 million, which I am told might have been channelled to purchase water, mandazi and to entertain slay queens.”

The senator took issue with the current state of roads in the county and called on the governor to take action and fix them to facilitate business and access to markets.

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