Nandi governor Stephen Sang is Proof that Kenyan Youth are not ready for Leadership

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President Uhuru Kenyatta came under a lot of criticism late last year after his controversial decision to appoint a 91 year old Moody Awori into a senior government job.

Kenyans wanted the job given to a competent youthful person who understands the present day problems that young people in Kenya are going through? But are Kenyan youth really ready for serious jobs? The answer is no.

Let us use the case of Nandi governor Stephen Sang as a perfect example. Sang made headlines after he was voted in as the youngest governor in 2017. He also beat political heavyweights in the elections. We thought he had set a precedence of young people to take over leadership positions.

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But two years later and the governor has done nothing to improve the life of his people. In fact not many people knew that this slay queen existed until he called a Press Statement to insult his Mombasa counterpart Ali Hassan Joho.

Sang called Joho a boastful criminal and a drug dealer. His high hitting press conference has since gone viral and given him a little airtime. But is that what he was voted to do?

Back at home, Sang has been accused of dishing out jobs to light skinned slay queens, leading to poor service delivery.

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Senator Samson Cherargei accused Sang of side-lining qualified personnel for slay queens who are given unnecessary job positions.

The senator took issue with the current state of roads in the county and called on the governor to take action and fix them to facilitate business and access to markets.



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