Juicy Details of How Governor Stephen Sang is Destroying Nandi County with Slay Queens

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Nandi governor Stephen Sang has been craving for publicity to an extend he organized a press conference just to insult his Mombasa counterpart Ali Hassan Joho. Sang called Joho a boastful criminal and a dwarf who didn’t deserve a response from DP William Ruto.

But when you invite a river into your home, do not expect only fish. There will be crocodiles, frogs and very dangerous snakes. And as the cameras turn their lenses on Stephen Sang, we look at his darker side. The untold secrets of his under performing administration.

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When he was elected in 2017, many people celebrated. It was supposed to open the door for other youths into leadership. But his leadership has been a disappointment. Two years later and Nandi still has some of the poorest access roads in the country, making it hard for locals to do business.

The governor’s appetite for yellow-yellow slay queens has not gone unnoticed. According to Senator Samson Cherargei, the governor has been employing these redundant girls leading, leading to poor service delivery.

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In August last year, the governor was bashed for sending a love message to the wrong Whatsapp group.

Sang, who is the youngest County boss, had texted: “You know I love you, right?”

According to a screenshot of the governor’s text, the message was sent to the Terik ward development Whatsapp group.

It seems Sang has been engaging his Mjulubeng more than his brains

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