Woman arrested for exposing rogue police officers

Photo: Daily Nation

It is all madness in Kenyan roads when the civilians and police are involved. The popular chai which has been the root of corruption is unending in the transport sector. When traffic police paved way for NTSA, nothing much changed and it all involved rogue officers. Is corruption a norm in Kenya?

Earlier today a video of police officers using force to discharge their routine went viral. The police officers were accused of manhandling a civilian. The matter has not yet reached Inspector general’s attention for comment. The lady who took the video was not left to go scot free and sources confirm that she is held at Kasarani police station.

From a Nairobian perspective, people tend to mind their own business when such incidents occur. You can be killed in the streets in broad daylight with people looking without raising an alarm just because they are busy or the common phrase “hii ni Nairobi”

A question that Kenyans on Twitter are asking is whether it is right for armed police officers to use force in their day to day duty of maintaining law and order.

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