Mps claim to have evidence of Johos’ drug trade and will hand him over to international security agencies for action

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang claims Hassan Joho is a drug dealerThe war of words between leaders from Deputy President William Ruto’s political camp and the Opposition is far from over if the latest claims from Nandi Governor Stephen Sang is anything to go by. The governor hit hard at his Mombasa counterpart, Hassan Joho, accusing him of misleading the country about the handshake and destroying the lives of many youths with drugs.

“One of the worst challenges facing this country right now is that we are losing an entire generation of young people into drugs. The people selling drugs in this country are known and some of them are even being sought by international agencies, so my friend Joho you cannot hide under attacking William Ruto and imagine that your drug issues will be washed away,” the Nandi governor claimed. 

The Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has claimed that Jubilee leaders accusing Joho of drug trafficking are compiling evidence against him(Joho) and would soon hand it to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.
He said Joho’s accusers would present evidence to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and international security agencies for action.
“Joho must know we speak from facts and we will stop at nothing to save our youths from the harmful businesses. Wait and see how he (Joho) will be shocked,” said Sang.

Joho and Ruto war of words hots up

Sang, who spoke at Tachasis Catholic Church in Tinderet, Nandi on Sunday, dismissed Joho’s threats to sue them.
“This is ironical, that Joho can insult the character of the deputy president but does not have the heart to take what we know about him,” said Sang said.
Sudi said: “He (Joho) has written to us and I want to tell him we have assembled our lawyers and we are ready for a court battle.”
The MP said they would use a report tabled in the National Assembly in 2010 by former Internal Security minister the late George Saitoti, which allegedly listed Joho among suspects of drugs trade.

The Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho accused Deputy President William Ruto of sponsoring attacks against him over his alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

Joho and Ruto war of words hots up

Joho dared Ruto to face him directly instead of sending his “subjects” to malign his reputation.
Ruto allies recently launched attacks against Joho with Nandi Governor Stephen Sang and MPs Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu) and Didmus Barasa (Kimilili MP) linking him to drugs trade.

Joho, through his lawyer, has written to the International Police Organisation (Interpol), seeking clarification on reports his name is in the list of wanted drug barons as claimed by his attackers.

Joho said Kenyans could not agree to be led by a person such as Ruto.
“I cannot engage in a war of words with those people because I know they have been sent by their master William Ruto,” said Joho.
“I dare you Ruto. Stop sending your sidekicks, come out and face me yourself,” said Joho during a meeting at Mukuru kwa Njenga slums in Nairobi.

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