Celine Dion Responds to Body Shamers Who Say She is Too Thin

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Celine Dion boldly responded to criticism that she is too thin for age, stating that she does not care what people think about her weight. The iconic 50-year-old singer has come under greater scrutiny for her physical appearance in recent years as she’s embraced a more fashion-forward haute couture style.

In recent years, she has undergone a bit of a style change and in doing so opened herself up to more criticism from online trolls attacking her appearance.


“If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it … Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

Dion, who is now 50 years old, said she’s playing with style to find looks that help her “feel attractive.” “It’s all new. It’s like I’m having a second wind … 50 has been great for me.”

She further acknowledges that she knows she can’t please everyone all the time and at this stage in her life and career, she no longer cares.  “I’m doing this for me,” the singer added. “I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.”

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The singer has always been slender, but it’s apparently getting more attention from body-shamers as she expands her wardrobe into designer clothes that show off more of her frame and physique. Most recently, she was shamed for her looks at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, with many taking to social media to suggest that she looked unhealthy or too thin.

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I want to do whatever I choose to be,” she told The Sun’s Dan Wootton. “I have an opportunity to wear haute couture and the things that makes me feel beautiful, strong, fearless, feminine, attractive.

Her husband of more than 20 years, René Angélil, died of throat cancer in 2016 at the age of 73. Theirs was a well-publicized love affair as Angélil began managing his future wife when she was just a teen, and she said he was the only man she had ever kissed

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