Joho gives Jubilee noisemakers 24hrs, tells Ruto to dare oppose the referendum

Image result for johoMombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has demanded an apology from four leaders who previously linked him to drug trafficking.

Through a letter drafted by his lawyer, the Mombasa county boss demanded that Nandi Governor Stephen Sang apologises to him within 24 hours.

The outspoken Mombasa governor further stated that they have express instructions to oppose DP Ruto’s 2022 bid, revealing the reasons why the team will go to great lengths to send DP Ruto home in 2022.

Addressing the public in Butula, Joho revealed that they are doing exacly what Odinga ordered after he gave clear instructions to his team to support President Uhuru Kenyatta but oppose DP William Ruto’s bid, stating that he has issues with DP Ruto’s bid.Image result for ruto raila

“If Raila says we go right we shall all go right and if he says we go left we have all to go left. He (Raila) has told us to support Uhuru and oppose Ruto’s presidential bid that is exactly what we are doing,” Joho said.

The Mombasa governor led Odinga’s allies in declaring that Dr Ruto lacks sufficient integrity to lead the country.

“I am extremely against the presidential bid of Ruto, this country cannot be led by someone like Ruto because of his bad integrity.” Joho said.

The Mombasa county boss questioned DPRuto’s immense wealth, maintaining that while he can account for everything he owns, the latter can not.Image result for Fred Matiang’iJoho lauded the elevation of Fred Matiang’i to oversee government programmes, stating that he would ensure all regions get development unlike DP Ruto who has been selectively moving to regions where politicians are friendly to him to launch projects and shunning areas perceived to be hostile to him.

“I am ready to welcome Matiang’i whenever he comes to Mombasa to oversee projects because he is not interested in politics but advancing development agenda of the Uhuru’s government,” Joho affirmed.

He also revealed that ODM had assembled a team to ensure that the country goes to a referendum, vowing to place DP Ruto to where he belongs should he oppose the push for constitutional ammendments.

“There is a strong team that is ready to campaign for the change of the constitution and I am telling Ruto to dare oppose the referendum, we shall put him where he belongs.” Joho maintained.

He revealed that he is relishing a showdown with the DP over the referendum so that the latter can be defeated should he choose to oppose it.

Is Raila driving politics in the country?

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