Julie Gichuru Exposes her social media ‘Imposter’

Business Woman and Entrepreneur Julie Gichuru has today exposed her Facebook Imposter.

Gichuru did this to warn her followers over a dummy account that is posing under her name.

There have been many instances of people getting conned by dummy accounts and mostly celebrities clarify on their original accounts.

Cons are getting more creative and have seemingly learnt that the easiest to get at people these days is on the online spaces.

Julie Gichuru on her Instagram post says that people should be smart on who they follow online to avoid being conned.

She also gave the details of her original account so that her fans may be aware when they come across the fakes.

Social media spaces have now become unsafe and not just by the fear of getting hacked but having people use your name for their ill intentions.

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In another incident which happened a couple days ago, Akothee shared on how a lady was conned 50,000 Kenyan Shillings only for her to get to Akothee’s original account to demand a refund.

Following this warning, It is important for Kenyans to be cautious at all times to avoid being duped.

Have a look at her full post.

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