Kansiime lands a lucrative bank job

Ugandan  top female rib cracker Anne Kansime is ab out to go to the back smilling all the way after she was a[ppointed as the b rand ambassador for the Standard Chartered Bank’s ‘Uganda’s First Digital Bank’.

While breaking the news  the bubbly comedienne wrote, “BREAKING NEWS:
Ninjas, I can’t keep calm, this 2019 is already a Big thing, especially for you people.

Today/yesterday, i started serving as the Standard Chartered Bank’s Ambassador of, wait for it; ‘UGANDA’S FIRST DIGITAL BANK’..Yes, the 1st “FULLY DIGITAL online banking solution”.
Super excited to announce that you can now open an account and run it from ANYWHERE without stepping foot at the banking hall EVER. They come to you.
#Wherever you are; the sittinglum, Bedlum or the beach, you can access 70 self services, yes 70, on one digital banking app..and where need be, they come to you. Now if this is not a bank acknowledging that you are the real Boss, I don’t know what is.

My juicier part:
-No Ledger fees
-No minimum balance
-No ATM or Card fees
-No Bill payment fees
-Free StanChat to StanChat online Bank
– You can block and change your ATM card PIN from Wherever you are?…etc”

Kale now the Bank is in my palm. You ninjas and i can do ANY KIND of transaction with atmost convenience and comfort ANYWHERE ANYTIME with my Digital Life Account. Install the Standard Chartered Mobile (UG) from Playstore and (whats the one for apple called?) and join the most convenient banking today.

I Kansiime pledge to take you on a tour of this great innovation VEEERY SOON. This year there is nothing like leaving a Ninja behind. Join me and let’s #BeUnstoppable

Her appointment is part of the second wave of the launch of Standard Chartered’s digital-only retail banks across Africa which is expected to launch soon in Kenya and Tanzania.

According to a release by the company, in her new role, Anne will ‘drive awareness of the new digital bank in the market. As part of her role, Anne will be promoting the bank’s digital banking capabilities and will lend her voice and image rights through a series of Marketing and Community engagement activities over the next 12 months.’

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