10 year old sprayed bullets in West Pokot

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As Kenya is struggling to reconsruct itself and heal from the horror and damage of the Dusit attack, the last thing we need is for internal clashes to bring us down again especially after all the peace and unity sermons that have been preachedin the midst of and after the siege.

In very sad revelations,a 10-year-old boy was on Friday evening shot dead at Chesogon center, West Pokot county.

Confirming the incident, West Pokot police commander Mathews Kuto, said the boy who was from school, was killed by armed bandits who sprayed him with bullets before they fled.

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“The bandits only shot him but they didn’t steal any livestock,” Kuto said.

The police boss urged locals not to retaliate and give security officers time to pursue and arrest the culprits.

Meanwhile the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji, on Friday, suffered a major blow after witnesses refused to testify against Nakuru Deputy Speaker, Samuel Tonui.

Samuel Tunoi

Tonui had been charged over the deadly clashes in the Eastern Mau that rocked Nessuit and Mauche on September 2018.

Resident magistrate Yvonne Khatambi allowed the DPP’s application to drop the matter citing lack of sufficient evidence.

The Investigating officer, Joseph Njogu, supported the withdrawal of the case in a sworn affidavit.

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