Shame!!Vocal MP sells family property to treat side chick

A vocal ,veteran legislator has found himself in trouble with his wife for selling a family food joint in a rural town to fund his mpango’s trip abroad.

Is said that the politician had lied to his wife that he wanted to venture into a new business and therefore required cash for capital by selling the property. But madam saw red when shortly after, a woman rumored to be her rival posted on her Instagram page that she was eating life with a hairy spoon in Dubai!

According to our snitch, after selling the joint, the politician left his rural home for the city to meet ‘business friends’, when in reality, the randy goat flew out of the country to bed his side dish on a sandy beach.

His wife is so infuriated that she is threatening to look for the ‘husband stealer’ and tear her oily weave to pieces.

The man is reported to be a slayer with a high affinity for college girls; a man who never allows financial demands to stop him from crawling up a skirt.

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