Tweeps share Hilarious advice to 2019 University First Years



University Building

Are you joining campus this year?

Well this is for you,  Kenyans online have shared their advice to students set to join the University this year.

No one ever gives you a clear outline of  what really happens in the university and  in most cases you  get to learn about some of the things after you join campus.

Seems like tweeps this time were not selfish to share words of wisdom.


Of course from their experience but well some have decided to  be humorous about the whole conversation.

No wonder some had to awarded during the KOT Awards. Twitter is alive because of the content that Kenyans share.

The major highlight that people have given is that the high school records will not  be needed anywhere.

Although we all have different experiences, some things are pretty common and you will thank the tweeps later.

Have a look at some of the advice

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