Khaligraph Jones called out for having a bossy attitude

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has been called out for having a bossy attitude.

Radio Maisha Presenter Mate Tongola took to social media to expose the rapper over the claims that he failed to show up for an interview after his demands were not met.

The Radio presenter goes ahead and explains that Khaligraph had demanded for 10 thousand Kenyan shillings which he claims was for his fuel.

He also says that he has proof of the incident on screenshots that he is for now holding back.

This ugly side comes days after the singer initiated a campaign to gain media support for local artists.

Kenyans however claim that this calling out is unnecessary considering that they would pay International artists so as to have interviews with them.

Khalighraph Jones has stood firm to his initiative saying that he will  keep on until they find a solution.

The Rapper in his  post earlier says that he is saddened by those calling for content yet they do not realize how much talent  there is in this country.

Khaligraph says that the talent never gets to the radios simply because of the system that is in place.

He also insists that the industry should be fixed and not that his music should be played but local content should be given an upper hand.

Jones also fired back to the media asking them to stop politics and support artists.

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