Are weekends meant for Matatu Madness?



Are Michuki rules only effective on weekdays?

Kenyans online have shown great concern over the  traffic rules that only  seem to be effective on weekdays.

Ever since the implementation of the NTSA Michuki rules Kenyans have been keen to point out the noticeable gaps in how the traffic police have been executing the implementation.

A vigilant Kenya shared his experience online saying that yesterday he boarded  5 matatus on different Nairobi routes and observed drivers and crew not in uniform,passengers not belted up.

Something that I personally have observed over the weekend. Some sort of  reluctance I guess not just by the police but by the passengers as well.

Without the consistency in ensuring that  the laws are strictly followed throughout the week, that is one of the ways that will help to maintain road sanity.

The perception that Kenyans might be having, in regard to obeying safety rules only on days where police  are on the road should be tamed before the matatu madness is back.

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