‘Michuki rules’ crackdown still on, Probox owners on the spot


The Michuki crackdown is still on even as the new year just kicked in. The Police have vowed to continue with the same energy to ensure  that they maintain sanity on the roads.

In a recent crackdown, there are reports that the Probox owners are on the spot ever since they were warned against using the cars as matatu’s.

Even after the warning over overloading and carrying excess in the vehicles, some owners are still making money from the  matatu business.

The  hunt just got real and earlier today, a passenger shared a photo to capture how the police in Meru are on the road  and back in crackdown mood.

Some Kenyans had complained that  the usual rogue situation was back over the festive season with the hiked fares and all the craze.

Even so, as we ushered in the New Year, Inspector General Joseph Boinett assured that the police will do extra in ensuring road safety.

In his new year message, Boinnet insisted that  no one should drink and drive as they risk endangering their own lives as well as those of other innocent road users.

He also revealed that the police shall also deploy their officers to man public roads to enforce traffic laws and other regulations.

Motorists were also advised to be courteous to other road users and always ensure that their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition.



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