Si wetu! Kenyan athlete adopts Korean name to run for the country

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Money makes the world go round perhaps thats why it has transported a Kenyan athlete all the way to Korea where seemingly the pastures are greener for the sportsman.

Wilson Loyanae Erupe, a Kenyan-born athlete who abandoned his nationality to become a Korean citizen in July 2018, has changed his name to suit his Korean citizenship status.

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The 30-year-old Erupe, a seasoned marathoner, would now be called Oh Joo-han, a Korean family name associated with over century old Korean clans.

Oh legally acquired his Korean name which can be traced to a specific clan and place of origin.

The Korea Times reported since the athlete had been training with the Cheongyang County Office’s athletics council since July 2015, he settled on a county in the South Chungcheong Province as place of origin for his family name.

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Commenting on the change of name and citizenship, Oh expressed his excitement and thanked the people of Korea for welcoming and accepting him as one of their own. “I am proud and happy for having a Korean name.

It feels great to be the progenitor of the soon-to-be Oh clan in Cheongyang. I thank the Cheongyang people for accepting me,” Oh told the Korea Times following approval of his new name by the court.

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The change of name means Oh would henceforth only run for Korea, which imported him from Kenya because of his athletic skills.

The Kenyan-born marathoner is expected to bring victories and pride to his new country. He was the winner of the Gyeongju International Marathon in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

He also won the Seoul International Marathon in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2018. According to the Korea Times, Oh’s best time was 2 hours 5 minutes and 13 seconds recorded in Seoul in 2016.

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