Level of petty 100: Man stabs wife after she asked for money

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Domestic violence in Kenya has in the recent past escalated and this time, couples have resulted to killing one another over very petty issues. Could there be something deeper that is yet to be unearthed? Perhaps a psychological problem that has led to the scary trend of brutal murder and suicide amongst married couples…


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In Busia County, a middle-aged man identified as Daniel Sikuku today shocked residents when he stabbed his wife after they disagreed over finances.

It is alleged that Mr. Sikuku stabbed his wife in the shoulder with a kitchen knife at their Angorom Village home after she requested he gives her Ksh. 1, 500 to buy foodstuff for Christmas Day. He told her that he did not have the money she was requesting for but she did not want to hear any of it.


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“My wife was preparing ‘mboga’ at the time. So, when she asked for the money, and I told her that I couldn’t raise it, given the hard economic times I am going through, she poured the ‘mboga’ out of the ‘sufuria’ and raised tantrum,” said Sikuku.

The suspect confessed that he thereafter reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed his wife in the shoulder.

“I lost my cool and mind,” said Sikuku.


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His wife’s screams for help caught the attention of neighbours, who rushed to Sikuku’s home and rescued the victim. Mr. Sikuku was clobbered by the angry neighbours before being handed over to the police.

Sikuku’s wife was treated and discharged. She however refused to lodge formal complaint with the police but instead opted to leave her matrimonial home.

The woman is said to have returned to her parents’ home in Busia-Uganda border.


Love or foolishness? Why do you think Sikuku’s wife declined the opportunity to lodge a formal complaint against her husband’s actions?

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