Landlord chronicles! Nairobians share funny encounters of their LandLords


With the high cost of living since the tax increment in Kenya, it is not all good as Kenyans have revealed the hustle and struggle of living up and  paying up their bills.

Speak not only of water bills and electricity even getting a place to place your head can  make you sweat.

Nairobi is one city that many have experienced a scenario where your door would get locked up by a landlord.

Trust me it is not so easy. Those who have had this encounter  will tell you it is not a joke.

Although it could actually sound funny after you have gone past that but the memories of it could be pretty embarrassing.

Nairobians have done crazy thing to avoid the landlord craze from breaking padlocks to club hoping and it gets even crazier.

This is how the conversation began. Have a look at the reactions;

Fellow hustlers, ushai fungiwa nyumba? How was it? msee mimi nilijipata nimekaa kwa local 6 hours sipping one soda.

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