‘Chips funga’ Woman arrested for allegedly drugging her prey



A middle aged lady has been arrested by police in Kisumu, for allegedly drugging her prey with the intent of stealing his items.

As one of the neighbour narrates, the man came with the lady late at night before there was commotion in the house.

The neighbour says that she heard a sound of something breaking  which made her curiosity shoot.

She also  added that the man had been robbed before and that is why she felt the concern. On peeping she says that something did not seem right.

As the neighbour puts it, the lady was only a take away woman and not the girlfriend to the man.

Speaking to the media, the lady spoke in certainty saying that she knew the man’s boyfriend and the lady in question was not a familiar face.

Furious residents were beating her up to find out what drug she had used on the man who at that point was unconscious.

The man was taken to hospital and the take away woman arrested for spiking companions drink.

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