MPs vow to pass bill catering for their second wives within seven days

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What we elect our leaders to do and what they end up doing will always shock Kenyans. They stand for the mwananchi while campaigning but fight for their own luxurious lifestyle once elected.

In a move that is disappointing but not new to Kenyans, our lawmakers want an expanded medical cover to include any second wives, travel allowances and an expanded constituency outreach operation kitty

“The Senate has it so we either both have the kitty or we don’t,” said Majority leader Aden Duale.

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“SRC does not understand the challenges of MPs, we have two offices one at the constituency and one here,” said MP Chris Wamalwa.

Rallying behind the bill, the MPs defended demand for more allowances, saying if not anchored in law, the executive will always use it to arm twist Parliament into submission in backing government agenda.

The legislators fiercely defended their push on the floor of the national Assembly on Thursday insisting they have no apologies to make to anyone.

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The MPs now say they will ensure the Parliamentary Service Bill is passed within the next seven days.

The Bill will among other things award the MPs fuel allowances for their fuel guzzlers despite already drawing mileage allowance.

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The bill will also establish an enhanced Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to reconsider the MPs welfare including having house allowances despite them already having a mortgage facility of up to Ksh20 million.

The MPs are however proposing a recall clause of members appointed to the PSC should they turn rogue.

Staff in Parliament mirrors the composition of PSC and if not rectified the same employment pattern will continue.

Do you support the legislators proposed service bill?

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