Monkey game!!Infant snatched,killed by monkey

Newborn baby Arush (pictured) was killed by a monkey after it snatched the infant from his mother's arms in India

A newborn baby was killed by a monkey after it snatched the infant from his mother’s arms while breastfeeding.

The mother identified as Neha, had been breastfeeding her 12-day-old son Runakata Arush Northern India when the primate struck, pounced on the baby and hopped on the roof of a house.

Neighbours said frantic efforts to lure the monkey with edibles to release the baby did not bear fruits as the mischievous animal firmly clung on the newborn with its claws.

“Neighbours ran to help the mother screamed but it was adamant to release the baby. They tried to lure it and resorted to pelting it with stones all in vain. By the time the primate released the baby it had injured him badly,” said Agra Police Assistant Superintendent Abhishek.

Infant dies as monkey snatches and wounds it

According to the police, the monkey had bitten the baby on the face, neck and inflicted several other injuries with its claws.

However the animal eventually left the baby on a neighbour’s roof  but by then, it was too late he was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

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