Woman dies after receiving a “call from hell.”

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Have often do you pick strange calls? Have you ever imagined for a second that you can receive a call that can make you become unconscious because of the intensity of the news?

Then it is real and it is happening!

A sombre mood has engulfed Shikoti village in Kakamega County following the death of a 23-year-old mother who died after receiving a call from a private number.

Salome Shikanda fainted immediately after receiving the call and started speaking in a unfamiliar and unknown language to the residents.

Friends and relatives gathered for the funeral service of Salome Shikanda in Lurambi Constituency.

The mother of three died while on the way to hospital as the family members were trying to come to terms with what had transpired after the call. “She was very healthy, she even cooked lunch on that day and she had not shown any signs of sickness,” said Rodgers Shikanda, her husband.

Shocked family members and relatives tried First Aid on the deceased but could not help and decided to take her to hospital.

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“We tried to calm her down as she was talking several things we could not understand. We even poured water on her but we realised it was not helping and we decided to take her to hospital,” said a neighbour.

The area residents were left with many questions not knowing who called Salome and have no idea what the content of the conversation was. The family hurriedly buried the body on Thursday, November 7, without taking the deceased to the morgue.

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