Fans thrilled by Demi Lovato’s return from Rehab


Demi Lovato is back!! and looks pretty as ever…  Demi Lovato fans are impressed after a photo emerged of her casting her vote.

Demi also took to social media to encourage other citizens to vote as she said that one vote can make a difference. She also revealed that she was happy to be home at this voting season.


I am so grateful to be home in time to vote! One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard!? ?? now go out and #VOTE!!!!

Demi Lovato’s mother recently revealed that the artist has now been sober for 90 days.

The popular American artist has been in rehab after her battle with drug abuse. Demi’s mother also revealed that she will stay in rehab for the next two months.


Sources also reveal that Demi Lovato is determined to get back to her normal state and therefore she is taking her medication seriously.

With the recent picture fans are full of hope that the American Singer is responding well to treatment and already seems to be improving and in good health.

Fans flooded her with love messages and encouragement notes to show their support. Have a look.


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