The frustration Maribe went through before her release

Although her freedom did not come easy, Maribe now breaths freedom after spending an extra day behind bars despite having been granted bail.

It has been a tough journey for TV girl Jacque Maribe and now she can finally reunite with her four-year old son Zahari who, according to her affidavit, was the only reason she wanted the court to release her on bail.

In a series of tweets, Itumbi revealed the struggle they had to go through as friends to follow up on her release. In which Kenyans are glad it came from him since many Kenyans are subjected to the same.

Here is what happened as revealed by Dennis Itumbi

“THREAD: Interesting events at the Deputy Registrar in the High Court. We completed the bond process for our friend Jacque Maribe at 12pm and till now no progress & she is looking at another night in prison despite being freed by The Court yesterday. Let me tell you of the games

Yesterday, the same games were employed. The Deputy Registrar declined to sign the letter commiting documents to land registry and registrar of persons yesterday. We decided to wait for today

This morning family and friends reported at the High Court at 7am and the Deputy Registrar signed a letter that was on her desk from last evening at 11am. No problem with that, we can live with that….

Problem is after that we were told there is an order that “UPON release the investigating officer and the advocate will take an inventory of house” we argued that is UPON release. So they dropped that line…

Next we needed a prosecutor from and obviously none was willing to get on record. So we decided to tweet.

Just after the first tweet the calls that were not being picked by and officials are now being returned quick and fast…..Asanteni

The comments on this post are the perfect feedback for , the High Court and Government generally. ( Whose office was reachable throughout), and Parliamentary Committee on Justice

After this process Maribe walked free out of Langata Womens Prison..

Miss Maribe was barred from reading news or interviewing anybody regarding the case until the end of the trial period. The Citizen TV journalist was also ordered to avoid any contact with prosecution witnesses, and was denied access to her home in Lang’ata until the investigation officers have gathered enough evidence from the house.

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