Macadamia nuts raise hopes for job opportunities

The ban on the export of Macadamia nuts earlier on would remain with aims to create more jobs for farmers in Kenya .Mr Ruto said the Government would not relent in enforcing the ban to protect interests of farmers and create jobs.

Ruto said the Government would firmly deal with brokers exporting raw macadamia nuts. He said the Government wanted all macadamia produced in the country processed locally before being exported to create jobs and protect the local market.

Speaking when he commissioned the Privamnuts EPZ Kenya macadamia factory in Embu at the weekend, Ruto urged farmers to sell the nuts to local factories instead of Chinese.

Ruto appealed to Kenyans to sell their nuts in the country to create jobs here for if we continue exporting we will be creating more jobs to the Chinese.

The Deputy President said macadamia stakeholders had paid him a courtesy call and told him some Chinese were seeking to buy immature macadamia and corrupting the system to smuggle unprocessed nuts out of the country. He said he ordered the nine Chinese deported immediately and not be allowed back into the country.

Ruto said the Government was keen on adding value to most of the agricultural produce in line with the government’s agro-processing and manufacturing agenda.

Ruto commended Embu Governor Martin Wambora’s administration for starting a county coffee mill at Kavutiri. It is expected to mill and brand Embu specialty coffee for marketing to national and international buyers.

According to Mr Wambora, the mill is almost ready and will start operations early next year, with this season’s crop. Ruto assured coffee farmers that they would get subsidised fertiliser procured by the Government.

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