Rich Kenyan Witchdoctor Cleared of Car Theft Allegations

Kenya’s richest witchdoctor Anna Mutheu Ndunda has today been freed by a nairobi based court. Milimani Senior Resident Magistrate Electer Riany discharged Mutheu after police failed to get sufficient evidence to support a criminal case.

“Police have not found enough evidence to sustain a criminal case,” state prosecutor Ms Adeline Rugoto told the court.

Ms Rugoto applied to have the file against Ms Mutheu closed.

She asked the court to refund the famous witch doctor her cash bail of Sh150,000 deposited last week when the suspect was arraigned.

Ms Riany discharged Mutheu and marked the file as closed. Mutheu was declared a free citizen.

Anna Mutheu has been known to live a life on the fast-lane. Her abode is a lavish home she estimates to be worth Sh40 million, she has a fleet of cars and often jets in and out of the country like a corporate high-flier.

The 39-year-old mother of three who police arrested over car thefts has previously revealed that she has invested heavily in her lavish house and looks, which in turn, have attracted more clients.






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