Mike Sonko- Stop using water to gain political mileage

He says the county is not appreciated for water Nairobi county draws from it – The governor has since vowed to use all means to protect water in Murang’a – The water stand-off has since caused an acute water shortage in Murang’a – Sonko says Murang’a is just a host of Ndakaini dam and not a water source – Nairobi County, he says, fully procured the dam and has its original title deed – He has vowed not pay Murang’a claiming that Nairobi does not trade in water – The fee charged he says, ensure water reaches Nairobi, Machakos and Kiambu A showdown could be in the offing between Nairobi and Murang’a Counties as the two devolved units continue to wade deeper in the heated politics of water. Understands that a section of Murang’a leaders led by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, have pressed upon the government to pay them KSh 2 billion yearly for water Nairobi draws from Ndakaini Dam


n statement, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko told off Wa Iria’s demands stating he (Sonko) had no revenue to share with Murang’a. “It should be understood that the Nairobi City County do not sell water but charges for the cost of making the water potable therefore we are not taxing water hence no revenue for sharing with anybody,” said Sonko. READ ALSO: Murang’a Water Company hits governor Wa Iria hard, disconnects water to his school Leaders from the Wa Iria led county have been demanding for 25% of proceeds the government accrues for the supply of water it taps from Murang’a. Wa Iria has also lamented that counties like Turkana benefited from 25% of oil proceeds but wondered why Murang’a never benefited from its water.

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In his response, Sonko told his Murang’a counterpart his county was just a host of the dam but the real source of the water was Nyandarua and Nyeri Counties. He further claimed Nairobi County had fully procured Ndakaini dam and also compensated those who were affected by its construction. “Nairobi County has full ownership of Ndakaini Dam and we have a title deed to it. However, our main source of water is Chania river and also the Aberdare hills which are in Nyandarua County,” said Sonko as he accused the leaders of using the water to seek political mileage.

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