Are Chinese nationals becoming a threat to Kenya?

Chinese nationals of late have been got in various threatening scandals in Kenya which found some in the hands of the Kenyan law.

On Friday October 5, Five Chinese nationals were arrested in Nairobi with items feared to be a threat to national security.

Items recovered are, Radio Calls, Military uniforms, laptops metal detectors and many others.

They will be detained for sometime as the investigating agencies do further investigations.

Few years back Kenyan police  arrested 77 Chinese nationals on suspicion of running a cybercrime centre from homes in an upmarket area of the capital, Nairobi.

Officers believe the gang had been preparing to hack the country’s communication systems.

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This is not the first time the Chinese have  gotten into trouble with the Immigration office in Kenya. Well at least last time for a ‘not so shameful’ reason.

No judgement passed but clearly Kenyans  have in many instances expressed their concern saying that the Chinese could be slowly taking over our country.

A few months ago, there were allegations that the Chinese working at SGR were practicing racial discrimination. Although these allegations were rubbished and denied we never got to the bottom of the matter.

On September 9, 2018, 15 Chinese were arrested by Immigration officers  in South C estate brothel, it’s believed they have been engaging in Prostitution. They were processed for deportation.

A Chinese national and a Kenyan were on Tuesday September 18, 2018 again ordered to execute a Sh1 million bond and surety of the same amount for engaging in illegal tea processing at a construction site in Kiawara, Kieni in Nyeri County.

He Zhifhang and Mary Wanjiku were facing charges of processing tea leaves without permission from the Kenya Tea Board and failing to produce a single business permit as per the requirement by the County Government of Nyeri to operate such a business.

This came shortly after another Chinese national was again arrested in Ruiru after being captured on camera abusing Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta terming them as monkeys. He was deported.


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