No more loyalty, Jacque Maribe exposes Joe to police

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At 7.05pm on Friday, September 21, Mr Irungu, in the company of Ms Maribe and Mr Kassaine, walked to the report desk at Lang’ata Police Station located about 200 metres from his residence, and told officers that he had been attacked by gunmen as he drove out of Ms Maribe’s residence at 1:30am the previous night, about 19 hours earlier.

The attackers, he claimed, had escaped on foot. He said he alerted Mr Kassaine after he was shot, who rushed him to hospital.

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Guards at the estate have said they did not hear any gunshot or commotion on the night Mr Irungu says he was attacked.

Police officers, too, did not believe his statement as it had many circumstantial gaps.

“When he was asked to produce the clothes he wore during the shooting, he did not,” an officer in the investigating team told the Nation.

“The car he was driving, a Toyota Allion, registration KCA 031E, had no bullet hole, and there were just too many contradictions in his story.”

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As investigations intensify on the two, Maribe has now told the police that Irungu tried to commit suicide in her house, refuting claims that Joe was shot by a gunman on a bodaboda.

The professional journalist has since changed her statement.

Irungu, the main suspect in Monica’s murder, is said to have used Maribe’s car on the night of the brutal killing.

Police believe the two left the club to their Royal Park residence in Langata where Irungu is alleged to have tried to commit suicide using a pistol.

On Monday, a Kiambu court detained Maribe for 10 days to allow further investigations into the murder.

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