Kenyans Blast The Star Newspaper for Publishing stupid Story

Since the heinous murder of his girlfriend three weeks ago, governor Okoth Obado has been the center of news. The Migori county boss has received news coverage more than any other entity in those three weeks.

The problem with covering the same person for so long is that you run out of stories and therefore have to get creative, especially as the said person is the talk of town. Journalists have had to dig into Obado’s past just to find something that they can feed their hungry audiences.

But sometimes, creativity backfires and you end up achieving the opposite of what you intended to. The Star Newspaper, which brags about being read by smart people found itself in such a situation on Monday.

The Newspaper ran with the headline,  ‘Obado ate Sukuma Wiki for Three Days’. I don’t really understand why they would choose such a stupid headline, for such matter but they received the wrath of Kenyans.

Just look at the reactions below.

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