Revealed: Nation journalist is what Police want in Sharon’s murder


Obado’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta told journalists that the Governor was arrested after recording a statement at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters here in Nairobi and will spend the weekend in custody.

“We were called to record a further statement and we obliged but even before the could consider what was in the statement, they arrested him,” Ombeta said, “they have told us he will remain in custody until Monday when he will be charged with murder.”

Ombeta however, insists that his client is innocent and can not have killed Sharon because he had offered to support her and the baby.

“They are just taking him to court because of public pressure and that is not justice. If you look at how that lady was killed with all those wounds, it is evident there was anger and venom from the killers,” he said, “but from our part, it was love because the governor is able and was willing to take care of her and the baby.”

A DNA test conducted on him matched the baby Sharon was carrying.

“The only thing they questioned him about was murder and the pregnancy. But pregnancy can not be a cause of murder. DNA can not be a cause of murder,” he said.

Obado’s Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo and three other suspects are still in police custody and are set to appear in court next week to plead to murder charges.

The interrogation also followed an admission by the governor that he was the father of the baby Sharon was carrying as confirmed by the DNA results.

According to an autopsy carried out on Sharon, she had been raped and stabbed eight times during an attack where her unborn baby was also killed.

Sharon was killed by people who abducted her while in the company of Nation Newspaper journalist Barack Oduor, who said they were lured to the abductors by Obado’s Personal Assistant whom they had gone to meet to clarify issues about the woman’s pregnancy after contacting the governor.

Police have said they will use the journalist as a star witness in the murder case.

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