Exposed:Obado feels betrayed by Oyamo and Mula


On the fateful day Barrack and Sharon were kidnapped, Obado was in Nairobi holding a meeting in Karen, according to a source privy to the governor’s statement taken in Kisumu.

Barrack said Oyamo had invited him and Sharon for a meeting with the governor in Migori to iron out their differences over her pregnancy.

But our source indicated that “on the said date of September 3 of the alleged meeting, the governor was in Nairobi.”

Obado feels betrayed by Oyamo and Mula and claimed that the two were using Sharon to extort him.

Source  indicate that upon realising that the governor was no longer interested in releasing money to be ‘forwarded’ to Sharon, Oyamo and Mula allegedly roped in Barrack, whose role was to expose the affair.

The governor told investigators that on August 1, he met Oyamo, Mula and Barrack over his affair with Sharon.

The governor  did not see the need to pay money for an affair that was no longer a secret, because even his wife and children were aware of it.

The governor has denied that he sent Oyamo to arrange for the meeting between him, Sharon and Barrack. Apparently, he was pissed off because of the attempts to extort him.

The governor had been made aware of the extortion plan. Sharon had sent him a text message indicating that she was being pressured to get money from him.

The governor’s statement seems to implicate his PA and the former MCA, both of whom have recorded statements with the police.

When he held a brief press conference, Obado claimed he fought off extortionists who attempted to cash in on his relationship with Sharon.

“I have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the brutal murder of Sharon,” said Obado, who was accompanied by his wife, daughter Eve and son Jerry.

The governor’s phones were then confiscated by detectives probing Sharon’s murder. Her body was found on September 4, a day after she went missing after being abducted together with Barrack. According to the journalist, he survived by jumping off the kidnappers’ car.

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