Did Obado’s Wife and Her Brother Plot the Murder of Sharon Otieno?

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Hellen Obado, recently took to social media to say that her husband was innocent in the murder of Sharon Otieno.

‘I want to urge the people of Migori County to stay calm and maintain peace because I know my husband is innocent.’ reads part of the statement she posted on Facebook after accompanying Obado to a press conference.

But if Obado, was innocent, then who ordered the heinous murder of the seven month pregnant woman? It is alleged that Sharon was in communication with the Migori County First Lady. So if anyone wanted Sharon dead, then it would be Hellen the jinxed lover. She had the motive and the means.

Mrs Hellen Obado is set to appear before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters over the death of Sharon Otieno, who was believed to be carrying Governor Obado’s child at the time of her gruesome murder.

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It is alleged that Mrs Obado was in communication Sharon over her alleged affair with her husband. Her brother, Naftali Odie is also a person of interest in the ongoing investigations.

According to sources, Naftali is a former flying squad officer in Nairobi who was dismissed from police for being trigger happy. You know what trigger happy means. If found guilty, then you will understand why Sharon’s murder was so brutal.

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