Kenya Revenue Authority’s new sniffer dogs upset at trials

It costs the taxpayer atleast 60,000 Kenyan shillings a month to feed the sniffer dogs, at the KRA’s K-9 Dog  unit.

As the  KRA officials conducted a demonstration   of the dogs’ sniffing for illicit goods at the Jomo Kenyatta Internatinal Airport, the dogs were found out not to be ready as the officials had hoped.

The tax man’s dogs could not be able to pick out the right smell, not being able to satisfy in the fight against illicit goods such as explosive making materials and drugs.

One of the dogs was convinced that the substances were in the wrong bag.

The officials conducting the test blamed the huge blunders by the sniffer dogs on their young age, among other factors.

However even after the failed tests, the KRA officials said that  the sniffer dogs have made about 30 discoveries  of narcotics at the JKIA since last year, but their failure to discover even after several attempts raises question on the effectiveness of the efforts to combart the movement of drugs and other illegal substances in the country through airports and other entry points.


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