[VIDEO] Randy Lovers Caught Exchanging Fluids in a Mercedes Benz

Some randy lovers who couldn’t wait to get home or book a lodging were caught on camera having sex inside a Mercedes Benz Reg No, KCF 122T, at the basement parking of Nexgen Mall along Mombasa Road.

The video was leaked by controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

The German machine was moving up and down as the two randy lovers exchanged fluids.Perhaps it was a man and his mpango wa kando having a quickie after thirst became too much.

As usual Kenyans had different opinions on the video with most people wondering the kind of energy that the man had to be able to move the car. Some people always questioned how a Mercedes owner could not afford a cheap lodging.

There are also clubs at the mall and so, maybe it was a slay queen being worked on by a sponsor. We hope the man is not married because it is gonna be fireworks when he gets home.

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