Kenyan Marathoner hit by a car in Colombia Race


Kenyan athlete Joseph Kiprono was knocked down by a car, as he was in the leading line of the Half Marathon in Second City Medelin Columbia.

Kiprono who has won the race previously,  was leading the 21km race in second-city Medellin, when the car struck him.

Aauthorities say  the car had violated a road closure.

However, after being treated by medics on the spot,  Kiprono was taken to hospital having suffered cuts and bruises. He was later  reported to be in stable condition by doctors.

According to organizers, another competitor in the Race collapsed and died, after being taken to the hospital.

They also said the 38-year-old runner had  heart problems and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

Also in the race was another Kenyan, Daniel Muindi who eventually won the competition with a time of 1:03:45

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