Impeachment for Sonko will not work, Says MCA Oyugi

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Two members of the County Assembly have distanced themselves from the ongoing debate at the county assembly.

Mlango Kubwa MCA Patriciah Mutheu and her Highrise counterpart Kennedy Oyugi said the attacks on Governor Mike Sonko are a witchhunt.

According to Ms Mutheu, “We will not impeach Sonko, that is not possible. There is nowhere they can take him.”

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She further said minority chief whip Peter Imwatok should leave the governor alone.

On Thursday, MCAs held a special sitting to discuss the conduct of the governor this was after they  impeached speaker Beatrice Elachi over what they termed as gross misconduct.”

Kilimani Ward Representative Moses Ogeto had moved a motion on the status of the county.

The MCAs further gave the governor 14 days to relocate from his Mua home in Machakos and return to City Hall. They also want him to pick a deputy governor after the resignation of Polycarp Igathe of January 31.


Ward reps also want Sonko to open the Finance, Legal and Lands offices. They asked the governor to stop intimidating county staff.

MCAs said failure to do so, they will move a censor motion to impeach him.

But according to Mutheu,  it does not matter where Sonko works from as long as he delivers.

In addition, “He is making roads, drainages are being unclogged, Nairobi is becoming greener, children are getting bursaries and the corrupt are being arrested. So what more do they want?”

She said lack of a deputy governor is not hindering Sonko’s work.

Oyugi also said the impeachment motion against Sonko cannot happen.

MCA Oyugi further added that, “Sonko is a unique leader who serves Nairobians without discrimination. The impeachment plan won’t work. You can take that to the bank,”

On Friday, the governor said he will not stop going to his home in Mua because of pressure for Nairobi leaders. He told them to keep off his private life.

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