This is why Turkana residents want the Cuban doctors to stay longer

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Residents of Turkana  county expressed their gratitude towards the on Cuban doctors for their good services at Lodwar Referral Hospital.

In a report the doctors have been found to be having good rapport with the patients so far as well as interacting freely.

In an interview, patient Esther Ekiru said she is happy with their work.

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She further added saying, “I have a wound on my left leg that has not healed for more than three months. After I was treated by a Cuban doctor I hope to get well. He recommended check up in a week.”

Kakuma resident John Ekaru said he travelled 62km to seek treatment at the hospital.

According to Ekaru, “I developed a kidney problem two months ago. A friend told me Cuban doctors were treating people at Lodwar Referral Hospital. I’m happy the doctor has given me hope, he told me everything will be fine.”

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Lodwar resident Peter Ekai said they are happy to have foreign doctors who can speak fluent English.

Stella Ebenyo, a resident of Lokichar, urged the national government to increase the number of Cuban doctors to meet the needs of the vast county.

Family physician Rogers Gonzalez said at the end of two years they would have improved health care in Kenya.

He said, at first it was difficult to work in Turkana because most people do not speak English. A majority of them speak Turkana and Kiswahili.

“In our country, we speak Spanish and a few people speak English when they are abroad. The Turkana county government got someone to help me with translation when I’m attending to patients,” Gonzalez said

He said tuberculosis, asthma, malnutrition and kidney stones are the common diseases affecting Turkana residents. Gonzalez said people have kidney stones because they do not take water yet the climatic conditions are harsh.

Lodwar Referral Hospital chief executive officer Stephen Namoru said they are supporting the doctors to ensure residents get good services.

He said the family physician and surgeon have been doing a good job.

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