Uhuru intervines in Sonko, PS Kibicho feud

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has finally made up with with one powerful government official whom he had accused of threatening his life.

In an interview with one local station Sonko said the feud had been settled withn the help of the President where they held a closed door meeting.

Early this year, Sonko was locked in a tussle with Kibicho over the management of the capital city.

The governor publicly accused Kibicho of undermining his authority and at some point alluded that the PS was sending him threats through text messages.

These are the threats Sonko claimed to have forced him to relocate from Nairobi to his Mua Hills home in Machakos County, from where he ran Nairobi County affairs for a couple of days.

The two however buried the hatchet over a cup of tea with the president.

“There is no permanent enmity in politics and the senior officers we had issues with them we sorted those issues. Actually the president himself chaired that meeting and we are now in good working relations. I know you want to talk about Kibicho he is now my good friend. We had tea together and we sorted out our issues,” Sonko stated during the interview on Citizen TV.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko was accusing interior principal secretary Karanja Kibicho of waging a war against him aimed at discrediting Sonko as a tribal politician.The governor who has previously accused the p.s of undermining his efforts to pick a deputy governor claims Kibicho is using public resources to target him unfairly.

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