Famous lawyer refers BABA Moi visits as “kiss of death”

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Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has called out on the visits by politicians to the retired President Daniel Moi for blessings.

The call out came after Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho paid a visit to former President Moi. This has been happening with a couple of more politicians visiting retired presidents including Hon. Raila Odinga among others.

The visits have sparked speculation of looming alliances with Moi’s son Gideon.

Raila met with Moi, saying he wanted to wish the former President well after he was hospitalised in Israel.

Observers argue that the truce between Uhuru, Raila and Moi has shifted the political landscape amid fears it is too soon to start 2022 campaigns.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho greets retired President Daniel Moi during a visit at Kabarak, August 25, 2018. /GPS

However, popular lawyer Ahmednassir Abullahi has come out strongly attacking Governor Joho’s visit on Saturday.

Taking to his Twitter account he said, “How can the ugly/old political order inspire/bless the new/inspiring future? I don’t understand Kenya anymore!!! The blessing/endorsement by BABA Moi must be the kiss of death for anyone who wants to be our next president. @WehliyeMohamed @makaumutua @Paul_Muite @WMutunga”

His sentiments were embraced by some Kenyans who argued that Moi has nothing new to offer after his 24-year hold to power.

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