Do you know why Francis Atwoli’s BREAKUP With Second Wife Roselinda

KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi opens up on marriage and love for Francis Atwoli

Trade unionist Francis Atwoli’s breakup with his second wife Roselinda Atwoli is turning out to be messy, noisy and ugly.

Roselinda filed a complaint with police on Wednesday after she was reportedly kicked out together with her 13 year old son from their apartment in Kileleshwa.

According to a report carried by The Starnewspaper, the couple had bought the apartment in 2006.

In her police report, Roselinda is said to have narrated how her visit to see their son at the said apartment on Tuesday degenerated into a furious exchange of words with Mr Atwoli.

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She was eventually forced out of the house together with her son at 7pm, The Star reported.

The The 69-year old unionist however gave a different version of the events.


“I allowed her to come and visit the kid but not spend the night. I have a first wife who does not behave like Roselinda. She respects our marriage.”

Their marriage began to fall apart after Roselinda expressed interest in joining politics in the 2017 general election, much to the chagrin of her husband.

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She ignored her husband’s objections and unsuccessfully contested for the Webuye West parliamentary seat.

The couple’s fallout has coincided with Mr Atwoli marrying TV girl Mary Kilobi.

In a recent TV interview, he professed his love for Kilobi, who is half her age, and revealed plans to get her a ‘comfortable’ car.

“I met her when she was in school in Kampala and have known her for more than a decade,” said Atwoli.

“I love Atwoli, he is a caring man who is always there for me. Given another chance, I will still fall in love with him,” the KTN News anchor told the Nairobian.

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She was quick to add that the 35-year age gap was not an issue in their marriage.

“I have now realised that age should never be a key consideration in a relationship. Atwoli is that guy who is never bothered about mundane issues that sometimes break up marriages,” the 34-year old journalist said.

Atwoli, who is 69, is openly polygamous and often brags about the “many wives he has” although he does not reveal the number.

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