Drama as Atwoli kicks wife out of matrimonial home

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Central Organization of Trade Unions secretary general Francis Atwoli’s  ugly breakup with his second wife Roselinda Atwoli is  turning out to be more dramatic than expected.

Ms.Roselinda  filed a police complaint on Wednesday after she was apparently kicked out of her Kileleshwa apartment together with her 13 year old son.

According to Roselinda’s police report, she narrated how her visit to see their son at the said apartment on Tuesday resulted  into a furious exchange of words with Mr Atwoli which she was later forced out of the together with her son at 7pm.

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According to a reports Atwoli and Rosalinda had bought the apartment in  2006.

The 69-year old unionist however gave a different version of the events.

“I allowed her to come and visit the kid but not spend the night. I have a first wife who does not behave like Roselinda. She respects our marriage.” said Atwoli

Their marriage began to fall apart after Roselinda expressed interest in joining politics in the 2017 general election, much to the chagrin of her husband.

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She ignored her husband’s objections and unsuccessfully contested for the Webuye West parliamentary seat.

Roselinda, 53, said their mariage problems  started in 2015. But it was not always like that, she says, recalling a ‘prince charming’ Atwoli whom she met and married 22 years ago while a single mother of three. The marriage bore them two kids.

However, Atwoli was at odds with her in 2016 when she allowed her eldest daughter to take aviation studies in South Africa. The differences resulted in Atwoli writing a letter to the school to discontinue the girl’s studies.

“From then he changed and it was like he had no soul … any more. He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him,” Roselinda recounted.

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She further added saying,  a ‘chaotic’ Atwoli has not supported the family financially since the marriage turned sour. “From 2016 to date, he has never assaulted me but I have heard all sorts of insults.”

Roselinda said efforts to reach Atwoli to resolve the problems have been in vain.

Roselinda denied Atwoli’s claims in a recent TV interview that she defied his will and joined politics. After the interview, an audio recording of Roselinda and Atwoli went out on social media in which the two argued about a home in Kakamega.

Atwoli has since taken a third wife, journalist Mary Kilobi.

The couple’s fallout has coincided with Mr Atwoli marrying TV girl Mary Kilobi.

In a recent TV interview, he professed his love for Kilobi, who is half her age, and revealed plans to get her a ‘comfortable’ car.

“I met her when she is in school in Kampala and have known her for more than a decade,” said Atwoli.


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