Should Real Madrid Sign A New Midfielder To Replace Mateo Kovacic

It seems that Real Madrid still has to make a decision about whether or not they should sign a midfielder to replace Mateo Kovacic. When the Spanish giants sent Kovacic to Chelsea on a loan deal, it’s clear that they were showing some amount of interest in his potential and future as a midfielder.

After Kovacic’s move to Chelsea, it actually puts Los Blancos in a tough spot this season. Inexperienced players such as Ceballos and Valverde will need to be ready whenever Modric or Kroos isn’t available for the team unless Madrid decide to sign someone else for that spot. But making a quality signing to replace Kovacic’s minutes this season could be problematic in the future for Madrid.

Initially, Kovacic wanted to be a starter and that’s something he just couldn’t achieve in his career with Modric and Kroos miles ahead of what he can bring to the table. Still, Madrid decided not to sell Kovacic but loan him to Chelsea which proves that they believe he can replace Modric as a midfielder sooner rather than later.

Ceballos is looking good and is an experienced campaigner for his age despite his limited minutes last season.

Speaking of Kovacic, he will make his return to Madrid after his loan deal with Chelsea runs out next year, so having options such as Modric, Kroos, Kovacic, Ceballos and the potential signing Los Blancos could make this summer all fighting for just two spots seems a bit too much.

However, it’s also true that Ceballos — and Fede Valverde for that matter — might just not be ready for that task. The other option for Madrid is Isco Alarcon. He’s comfortable playing in the midfield. Isco could be the quality replacement for Modric and Kroos this season while he could also be a starter in the offensive line if both midfielders are available. He’s Lopetegui’s wild card and the reason why Real Madrid should stay put and not sign a midfielder this summer.

Meanwhile, the exact nature of Mateo Kovacic’s deal is still incredibly fuzzy.  Even if there is no option to buy, he seems pretty adamant his Real Madrid career is over. The truth of that matter is that Chelsea and the fans will not know whether the deal itself was a good one or not until the loan ends.

But the player himself? That is a different story. Kovacic is an incredibly talented midfielder who was unlucky to be at Real Madrid at the wrong time. Still, he immediately walks into Chelsea’s best XI when fully fit and will give the Blues and incredibly powerful and dynamic midfield alongside Jorginho and N’Golo Kante.

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