Police Arrested 2 popular Kenyan Fashion Bloggers: Know why

Image result for Police Arrested 2 popular Kenyan Fashion Bloggers: Know whyThe bloggers are said to at present be gone to Industrial Area Police Station. The picture takers were however not captured.

The capture of the bloggers comes in light of the disputable #ifikiewazazi drift that looked to uncover teenagers taking revolting photographs out in the open regions. Offended Kenyans had taken to Twitter to ask online clients to share the revolting photographs until the point when they achieved the guardians of the young people. However, in spite of the worries, a few teenagers felt that there was nothing amiss with them uncovering their bodies in such a way.

“So hawa watu wa katamba kafikie minister so ikifikia minister kwani nitafukuzwa church ama? Your young men have exceptionally inept points however. On the off chance that I choose to flaunt my body, its mine I will indicate it of till the day I bite the dust and in the event that you don’t care for it b*tch pass on initial,” one of the adolescents had raved in a video seen on Twitter.

The #ifikiewazazi hashtag was spurred by professional photographers who complained that the raunchy photoshoots the teenagers participate in in public spaces taint the reputation of serious photographers. And if their reputation is tainted it will make it hard for them to make their bread as they will be restricted from photographing in public spaces after the teen’s shenanigans

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