Here’s why you should never mix sukuma wiki & spinach

For dominant part of the homes, the cook will dependably blend sukuma wiki and spinach.
In any case, as indicated by Medical Officer Margaret Njoki of Medihub Healthcare, you ought to never do this. The most ideal approach to cook greens is independently.

“You can steam them however it’s constantly best to include a little oil since vegetables are oil dissolvable. It winds up less demanding for the body to process and retain the supplements from the vegetables when they are softly seared in oil,” she told The motivation behind why you ought not cook them together is on the grounds that, “Sukuma wiki ties the supplements, particularly press, from the spinach. They change the components in the spinach and the mixes shaped can’t be consumed by the body. On the off chance that you blend sukuma wiki and spinach you pass up a major opportunity for the iron from the spinach.”

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