Marijuana Legalised in Zimbabwe !!!

Zimbabwe has legalized growing marijuana for research and medicinal purposes. Africa produces more than 10,000 tons of cannabis every year, according to United Nations. This implies a business opportunity worth billions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal cannabis.

African governments are  yet to follow the trend of legalization seen in Europe and the Americas. Lesotho became Africa’s s first country to offer legal licenses to grow marijuana last year, hinting a shift toward liberal policies.

From Morocco to South Africa, there is growing interest in cashing in on this valuable crop but in there are also unique challenges to face.

The southern African country is now the second country in the continent to legalize the production of marijuana for medicinal and scientific use.

Called “mbanje,” in the local language, Zimbabweans will now have to apply for a license to cultivate marijuana.

Earlier, possessing, growing, or using marijuana in Zimbabwe was a criminal offence, and could lead to up to 12 years in jail.

This renewable license which would be issued henceforth permits companies and individuals to produce marijuana for five years.

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