Kenyans Tear Weezdom Limb from Limb After Ditching DJ Sadic Recording Label

In Feb 2019, Weezdom left EMB Records in a nasty fallout with Bahati Kenya and then Joined DJ Sadic recording label, Genius Records. While Kenyans waited patiently to see him settle and grow in Music, they got the shock of their lives after he announced his unexpected return to Bahati’s EMB Records label.

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The singer later teamed up with Mr. Seed who also left EMB records after his baby mama Nimmo Gachuiri clashed with Bahati’s Baby mama Diana Marua. Later the two had an ugly fallout over Mr. seeds cheating allegations which saw Weezom off social media.

Few weeks after their fallout, Weezdom decided to go back to EMB records. Seems he could not put up with the loneliness.

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Taking to social media, he narrated a long story of how much he messed up quitting EMB records and tendered apologies to Bahati citing that he was a prodigal son who came back home.

His decision to leave DJ Sadic and crawl back to Bahati angered fans who criticized him for being impatient, confused, too dependent and ungrateful.

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BEFORE TELLING BAHATI THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME BACK TO #EMB ;I'D LIKE TO SHARE SOMETHING… I've been In Music for 3 years Now and I thank God for the Steps I've made and as well as Repent for my Mistakes. And this Post is about few Months ago when I went to Pray with my Pastor Joyce Blessing as I really desired a New level and GOD spoke through her something that I've never Shared with anyone. The Pastor Turned to me and said "Weezdom God does not move with Contradictions (Luke 13:3) : There's a Man that God used to help you in your Ministry but you Chose to fight him instead of respecting his anointing" It immediately hit me of my Ungrateful Ness. To be sincere I did not want the Pastor to Know that God was referring to Bahati, but in my heart I made a decision to look for him especially for his blessings as my Musical Father. And that's Why many have never Understood Why I always Publicly I apologise to this Brother. No One can deny that Bahati has Supported many New Artiste’s than any other in this current Industry but ata bila Kumsifu Tunaona Vile God anamlipa. I also took a few Days off the Music and Social Media to allow God to Mould me to be the Artist HE wants and it feels Great to be Back for this New Level. And Even as @Bahatikenya Launches this New #EMBENTERTAINMENT HQ. I Agree to Say I AM A PRODIGAL SON and I am Back Home! #WEEZDOMBACKTOEMB

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dennismwangi7764; uyu mwiziwadom amepotea

epickwatches; Weezdom weezdom unataka nikuite mara ngapi.. Why are you soo confused

Cate Atieno; On behalf of #teambahatikenya and #teamEmbentertainment ,I say we will be stupid enough to forgive but not foolish enough to trust you again. All in all welcome back #kirukanjia. #kigeugeu

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Phil Peters Machoka;  Bure sana. Pigia radio jambo

Mtheu Sharon; Sorry this sound silly. So after genius imekusupport sana hivo umeitema pia. Whatever u after tutajua tu with time.

Patchez Musiq;  Aka kanakuanga na mshene Kama kamama ka ploti,infact stevo simple boy took ua position,Kenyans don’t recognize u, msinitusi Niko na matanga 🤗

Rapkidd Kachea Kiddy; The only idiot in gospel music

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Brian Thosh; It’s good to follow your heart and to make your own decisions but remember the support Dj sadic gave you,how he used to push your music,the interviews manze binadamu n wale wale nkt!!!

Ibrahim Tyler; Star…star… Siamini umetoka Genius… Yani unarudi EMB… na vile the MIX GENIUS ni jamaa mpoa sana… Nakumbuka Mahali Sadic ako weezdom uwezi mkosa… Iko siku EMB itakutoka Bahati ni yule yule kip my word utageukwa

juliuswambuakitevu; Is just a matter of time muanze drama na Baha

charitymwangi994; Uliacha kulia??

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deejay_saint; @weezdom254budah isikuwe ni kipindi unapiga hapa Alafu after 6months to 1year tena useme umerudi @geniusrecordske 😂😂😂😂 chapa kazi sasa achana na kipindi👊👊

irosh_67; Lakini wewe WEEZDOM ni watermelon saana akuna tofauti yako na KALONZO..

irosh_67; Wacheni kiki….because HARMONIZE left wasafi ati sasa wewe umetoka GENIUS record…..TEAM_WILLY_POZEE

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too_lilian; Nkikuona hua narudia ile clip yako ukilia mambo mseto😂😂

coolkid1_ke; Acha kutudanganya eti Umekuwa kwa industry for 2 years Na ulianza 2017 ,you’ve been in the industry for 3 years

prince_nuel_ke‘; You’ve now learnt a lesson I believe you’re now good to start on🙏🙏

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