Mzazi Willy M Tuva turns a year older.

One of Kenya’s finest radio personalities  Mzazi Willy M Tuva of Radio Citizen is celebrating his birthday on this fine Wednesday. The radio siren has built a name for himself as a man who has promoted artistes ever since he made his debut on radio several years ago.


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Tuva is today a respected and revered individual whose efforts are celebrated across East Africa. As he celebrates his birthday, he expressed gratitude to his mother and God praying for longer life. He accompanied the birthday wish with a photo of him looking dapper in a blue suit.

Many fans have flocked to his social media to wish him a wonderful birthday. Check out the sweet messages;


Happy b day main man.. 💯🔥💪


Happy birthday!!!Sunday we party up!!!!


Happy happy birthday to you May the living GOD grant you many more years of good health and happiness 👊👌🔥


Happy Birthday @mzaziwillytuva . Such a creative, commited person. May the new year bring you bigger, better , brighter, money filled ideas to the honour and glory of God.


Happy birthday my brother 🙏🏾


@mzaziwillytuvaHappy Birthday Papa,😋


Happy Birthday… You’ve been a blessing to many pple out there as you beautify there life’s may God too remember and beautify your family too… You have a big heart, there are only a few who are willing to help but yours is on another level, you’ll be rewarded brother don’t get tired lifting others more grace, joy, blessing and happiness HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Happy birthday Mzadee…live long big brother


Hapyy birthday mzazi👏


Happy birthday Mzade.. Live long 👑 … God bless you with many more years.. 🔥


Congratulations for making it this far Muzadee. Happy birthday to you brother


Happy birthday bro… More years, more blessings🙏


Happy Birthday Muzadde…….May God grant you all your hear desires and may the new year bring you great tidings and more blessings upon your life.

Happy Birthday Muzadde! Your are indeed a Blessing to many.God Bless.


Happy birthday bro more and more blessings pon your life


Happy happy birthday to you May the living GOD grant you many more years of good health and happiness 👊👌🔥

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